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Word Connect

The description of Word Connect

How many words will you find in this addicting word game for all ages?

Word Connect is a new word search game with 3 game modes and over 170K English words to be found! The game is 100% free and does not contain any In-App purchases.

There are 3 game modes available – 180 seconds, 25 moves and 4+ words. All game modes are highscores based, so don’t forget to submit your score at the end of the game to see who is the best!

How to play: Slide your finger over 3 to 10 letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a word. Match the colors of the first letter in your word to get multiple points! The game will show up the points above your word if the word exists! Get the best score possible. In 4+ Words game mode you must create a word from at least 4 letters, otherwise the letters will be removed!

* A new word search game for all ages
* Over 170K English words
* Great tool to improve your English vocabulary
* Improve your spelling skills
* 3 Game modes – 180 seconds, 25 moves and 4+ Words
* Global highscores included – compare your score with other people all aroud the world
* Day and night mode
* 100% free full version + no In-App purchases
* Share your score via facebook, g+,whatsapp and other social networks

If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com, we will be very happy to fix it!

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